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Ten most searched-for wine names*
  • 1. Dom Perignon2. Petrus3. Pin4. Montrose5. Cristal
  • 6. Talbot7. Angelus8. Belgrave9. Krug10. Palmer
*in the last 3 months, courtesy of a very popular search engine

Time to Buy or time to Sell?

Date posted: November 19, 2011

There are many wine investors in the world today, and David Weinstein, a well-respected dealer of French art glass in New York, has one of the most impressive collections in existence. His fine wine investments have included more than 1,000 cases of wine, mostly red Bordeaux. Read full story...

Wine Film in the Works to Shed Light on Chinese Bordeaux Interest

Date posted: March 22, 2011

Andrew Caillard MW of Australian auctioneers Langton’s announced that he will soon be presenting “The Fine Wine Game,” a film that aims to “explore the phenomenon that is China and the burgeoning interest in Bordeaux, Read full story...

Research completed by the American Association of Wine Economists

Date posted: November 30, 2010

The American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE) has produced a working paper that attempts to show the relationship between specific Bordeaux wines and the many individual wines that make up the brand as a whole. Read full story...

2010 Vintage Receives Preliminary Assessment

Date posted: August 15, 2010

With the coming of August, the various regions of France that are renowned for producing fine wine have begun to assess the potential quality of the 2010 vintage.

Read full story...

Grape Coulure

Plan Unveiled to Drastically Reduce ‘Basic Bordeaux’

Date posted: August 5, 2010

The new president of the Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB), recently announced plans to dramatically reduce the number of chateaux that are producing lower-cost, ‘basic Bordeaux.’ Read full story...