Wine Film in the Works to Shed Light on Chinese Bordeaux Interest

Andrew Caillard MW of Australian auctioneers Langton’s announced that he will soon be presenting “The Fine Wine Game,” a film that aims to “explore the phenomenon that is China and the burgeoning interest in Bordeaux,” according to Warwick Ross, the film’s producer, who talked about the project during a recent interview with Ross owns Portsea Wine Estates on the Mornington Peninsula and is well-respected throughout the industry for his knowledge and artistry. Filming will begin in Bordeaux for next month’s En Primeur tasting, and will continue for an entire year to cover the region’s four seasons of wine activities.

China’s Shandong province will make an appearance in the film when the team travels there to document the majority of large Chinese and western wine producers. For example, Chateau Lafite, the leading fine wine in current Chinese markets, owns 25ha of vineyards in the province, and there are approximately 10,000ha of vines planted throughout the entire region.

“We want to capture the scent and voice of Bordeaux; its wines, its people, and those that follow its progress with such energetic passion,” stated Caillard. As a result, the upcoming film is already eagerly anticipated by fine wine investors and connoisseurs from around the world.

Warwick Ross, one of the film’s directors, says he wants to explore “the idea of a Chinese bubble – if there is one – and how far it can go.” This exploration will undoubtedly shed some light on the fast-growing Chinese fine wine market that has been sending case prices soaring every month.

David Roach will be directing the film with Ross. In the past, the pair have worked together to produce other successful Australian films, such as “Beneath Hill 60,” “Young Einstein,” “Reckless Mr. Kelly,” and “Mr. Accident.”


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