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Ten most searched-for wine names*
  • 1. Dom Perignon2. Petrus3. Pin4. Montrose5. Cristal
  • 6. Talbot7. Angelus8. Belgrave9. Krug10. Palmer
*in the last 3 months, courtesy of a very popular search engine

Our Selection Process

If you are sourcing fine wine for the purpose of consumption or collection, the all-important decision of what to buy is one more affected by personal taste and affordability than any single other factor.

On this basis, whatever your approach – whether your dream is to build a collection of every single wine named in the 1855 classification, or to amass as many half bottles of 2005 Chateau Cheval Blanc as you can – is entirely up to you. We can assist you as much or as little as you like.

However, if one is looking to source fine wine as a potential investment, then the selection of wines is of paramount importance, the most central point of which can be understood fairly simply:

Buy the best Bordeaux from the best vintages

Why Bordeaux?

Of all countries involved in the production of fine wine France has the richest history, and remains the benchmark for the most revered and collectable wines in the world.

And of all France’s many famous wine-producing regions, it is Bordeaux which has come to be known as the heartland of investment-grade fine wines. Although many other regions, countries and types of wine can command the attention of the wine investor, any wine portfolio must contain a majority holding of the most famous region of them all.

For this reason, although we do consider and offer other investment-calibre wines (the most collectable Burgundies, certain vintage Champagnes and top-tier New World offerings), our selections are generally concentrated on those considered to be most potentially rewarding within the asset class – the best Bordeaux from the best vintages.