Top 10 Bordeaux labels by famous artists

From the bottle to the canvas and back…here we look at 10 beautiful designs from famous artists on vintages from the world-famous Chateaux Mouton Rothschild….enjoy!

1955 George Braque

In 1955, Philippe de Rothschild asked Braque to create a label for his 1st growth Mouton Rothschild and the artist and label pairing premise suddenly exploded. Braque was the first internationally renowned artist to be asked. From then on, the list of painters who participated in the project reads like a Who’s Who of twentieth century artists. The father of cubism took on the challenge and created an exquisite painting reminiscent of some of his more famous natures mortes.


1958 Salvador Dali

The Spanish artist had a profound love for wine and the good life in general and one can see this clearly in his artistic endeavours. Not only did he design this label but also published in collaboration with Philippe de Rothschild Les VIns de Gala in 1977. There, Dali took us through a colourful and passionate vision of his favourite wines. From the divine wine, Lacryma Christi, to the king of wine, Romanee conti, Dali shows himself not only as the mesmerizing artist that we know but as a real wine connoisseur and lover.


1964 Henry Moore

In this label, one can immediately determine the sculptor behind it. Moore’s obsession with hands is related here. The drawing of these 3 chalices reminds us clearly of the potter’s hands around the emerging shape. By 1964, Moore was extremely well established. As one of the more preeminent artists of the time, he saw this association with one of the most revered Bordeaux wines as a natural union.


1969 Joan Miró

In his drawing, Miro made sure to give homage to the Rothschild family by adding the family colours (yellow and blue) to the painting. The Spanish artist had a strong passion for life and wine especially, one of his most famous paintings ‘La bouteille de vin’ is testament to that fact. Miro’s love of colour is all but apparent in this inviting grape.


1970 Marc Chagall

When the surrealist painter wanted to paint his love for his wife, he created one of the most iconic pictures of the time: Double portrait au vin, and naturally wine was part of that union – as is shown in the subject matter he chose for the label: happiness, joy and communion.


1971 Kandinsky

There would be no abstract art without Kandinsky. When the Rothschild asked this master to contribute they entered a new artistic universe. The interpretation that Kandinsky makes of the wine is a dream of open spaces and a feeling of lightness


1973 Picasso

Saying Picasso is saying bon vivant! Picasso spent most of his life in the South of France where life was just a succession of dinner a La colombe d’Or. Picasso did not actually paint specifically for the Chateau; but in view of his love for the wine, his daughter agreed for the usage of the Bacchanales on the bottle in 1973.


1975 Andy Warhol

Rothschild goes pop! Literally! Philippe de Rothschild became Andy’s model and transferring the skills he used painting a coca cola bottle, Andy created this piece. Sacrilege, some would say. Once again the Rothschilds show their desire to keep up with the times; bringing this ancestral home straight into the factory!


1990 Francis Bacon

When one thinks of Bacon and wine, it might not be for the best reason! This extraordinary Irish painter revolutioned modern painting. Showing his love for drunkenness, Bacon reproduced here a strange distraught figurine hanging on to the ultimate glass of wine. Hopefully a Mouton Rothschild glass…


2004 Prince Charles

How to celebrate the love between France and the English better than having the future King of England draw for you? This is exactly what the Rothschild family did in 2004. Prince Charles, famous for his aquarelles, draws the perfect vine under the Bordeaux skies. Recently the Prince tried running a car on wine, one can be sure it was not a Mouton Rothschild 2004!



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