High Prices of Bordeaux 2009 Risk Alienating US Buyers

US wine merchants have expressed concerns about the high prices of the Bordeaux 2009 vintage, which has some experts questioning whether it could be turning off buyers.

While many people in the fine wine industry have expressed genuine delight regarding the high quality of the Bordeaux 2009 vintage, there is also some concern over the increases in current pricing trends. In fact, some merchants have decided to pass up the more expensive wines, opting instead to buy the lesser-known wines that have received favourable press.

For example, Gruaud Larose and Giscours did not do well with some importers. The vintages are up 68 percent and 43 percent, respectively, on the 2008 varieties – numbers that could prove to be too elevated for the US market to bear, especially considering the score and image of these two wines in parts of the industry.

Still, there is hope that the strengthening US dollar could help the situation, as no one can deny that it is an amazing vintage. In fact, the 2009 Duhart Milon and Gazin wines have actually sold out in San Francisco, and St. Emilion’s Barde Haut has come close in recent weeks. In addition, it is expected that US buyers who invested heavily in 2008 Bordeaux vintages will still purchase some quantity of the 2009, but how much is still virtually anyone’s guess.

Regardless of what happens, it has become clear that some chateau representatives are a bit nervous about the possibility of alienating traditional markets like the US. They and a number of other experts are cautioning the chateau to consider a wider picture than the Asian market, which could prove to be fickle and at the very least does not have the strong ties and long relationship that exists with the established markets.


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