Chateau Cos d’Estournel Still Popular Among Consumers, Even at €289 and €300 a Bottle

Despite a level of variance in its reception by critics, merchants say Cos is virtually flying off the shelves at prices that are up more than 230 percent on 2008.

Chateau Cos d’Estournel’s first wine of 2009 is reportedly being sold to negotiants for €210 per bottle – a price that is a full 233 percent higher than that of 2008, and nearly twice as expensive as the current price of the chateau’s 2000 and 2005 varieties. These high prices do not seem to have affected the consumer’s enthusiasm, however, with a number of merchants claiming to have already sold out, in some cases moving more than 1,000 cases since its release.

The interesting twist to this story is the fact that some critics have had mixed reactions to Cos. In fact, scores (and praise) for the 2009 vintage have ranged from extremely high, to low-middle at best. Among the various comments supporting both views, those who enjoyed the wine often praised its richness and abundance of flavor, while certain critics of Chateau Cos d’Estournel 2009 conjectured that the grapes may have been allowed to over-ripen – a fact that some believe can only be corrected by time, if at all.

Regardless of the final tally of points on either side of the debate, everyone agrees that this wine has definitely been able to make an impression on critics – a fact that may be impacting its popularity among merchants and consumers as well. In fact, many merchants are quite pleased with the high release price of Cos 2009, and some even seem to be reassured by it. In the end, buyers must weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a fine wine like Cos, especially when popularity is soaring and prices have risen dramatically.



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