Your condition report explained: the importance of provenance in the world of fine wine investment

When investing in fine wine it is of fundamental importance to ensure that all wines purchased are of unquestionable provenance. At Provenance Fine Wines we request full condition reporting for all of our clients’ wines. These are carried out by staff at Vinothèque (our preferred wine-storage facility).

For those unfamiliar with the importance of provenance within fine wine investment, below we explain the prescient information provided by Vinothèque in their condition reporting:

Customer Code

Your own unique 6 character account code issued internally by London City Bond.

Rotation Number

This number identifies the exact location of your case (down to the specific aisle & shelf) within Vinothèque’s dedicated wine storage facility in Burton-on-Trent.

Chateau/Domain Bottled

All fine wines offered by Provenance Fine Wines will be bottled (mise en bouteille) at source.


Original Wooden Case, packed at the vineyard – when using fine wine for investment this is widely considered a necessity as an indicator of good provenance.

Other comments

This section provides information regarding the fill levels of wine within the bottle. As wines age they can evaporate if kept in poor conditions. The higher the fill level (ideally into the neck) the better.

Original Carton

Fine wines are packed in wooden cases but lesser wines/spirits may be packed in cardboard cartons.

Condition of Case

Although the condition of the case is not as important as that of the bottles within, it is still a good indication of how well the wines have been looked after.

Package Description

Standard-sized bottles are 75cl, and come in cases of 12.

Slip Labelling for Outside UK

Specialist slip labelling is required for wines to enter the United States. If wines have travelled internationally then of course their provenance is more questionable and their re-sale value may be at risk.



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