Dubai Breaks the World Record for the Largest Single Purchase of Duty-Free Fine Wines

A fine wine store that is located in Dubai’s International Airport’s Emirates Terminal 3 recently reported selling just eight bottles of wine for more than $100,000 US.

The recent purchase of eight bottles of fine wine for around $107,000 US at Le Clos operator MMI, which is located in the Dubai Airport, has reportedly broken the world record for a single purchase of fine wines. In fact, this recent splurge is believed to nearly double the previous world record for a single international duty-free retail wine purchase while traveling.

The wines that were selected for this monumental purchase included a 1959 magnum and bottles of Chateau Petrus 1947 and 1962 – only two of the many rare varieties that can be found inside the shop. In general, Le Clos has reported a significant increase in spending on luxury gift items recently, as well as an increase in purchases that are intended for personal use or for investment purposes. The Le Clos brand also owns a retail location that is situated in the airport’s Emirates First Class Lounge, and has demonstrated a knack for tapping into the Russian and Chinese markets.

Among the other interesting services offered by Le Clos, the company allows passengers to purchase wines via the Internet before flying and have them delivered upon landing. The shop which now claims to hold the world record for a single purchase of wines also boasts a variety of high-end Spanish and Italian varieties and rare, collectible-classed 1982, 1996 and 2000 red Bordeaux. In fact, it houses more than 400 wines in total, with the US, France and Italy representing the majority of stock.


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