Wine Consumption – Global Trends & Projections

The outlook for wine consumption looks great for the industry for the next couple of years based on recent reports, with large increases coming from Asia, including China, Japan and India.

Consumption in 2008 was recorded at more than 111 million cases (1.3 billion bottles) of wine in Asia which represents a 52% increase over 2004 levels.  This level is expected to reach more than 140 million cases by 2013 (a huge 25% increase).  In 2008 the Asia-Pacific region consumed just fewer than 7% of world consumption, but this region is expected to be the fastest growing over the coming years.

Naturally, China is the main driver of such prodigious growth rates.  Already the 8th largest consumer of wine and the 10th largest producer (based on 2008 numbers and including Hong Kong), the country recorded the highest growth rates year after year.  China consumed an increase of 8.72 million additional cases of wine from 2007.  In 2009 China increased consumption once again by 5.29 million cases over the 2008 figures.  China accounts for nearly 70% of Asian consumption.

Japan is ranked second in Asia and is expected to record modest growth rates of roughly 3.6% by 2013.  India is fifth in consumption in the Asian region but is by far the fastest growing country.  Consumption increased 327% between 2004 and 2008 and is expected to increase a further 97% by 2013.

Japan is the largest importer of wine in Asia with the entire region importing 1 out of every 4 bottles.  However China may again take over this top spot thanks to the recent elimination of import taxes in Hong Kong.

Despite increasing consumption of sparkling wine, Asians on the whole account for just over 7% of world-wide sales, and within Asia sparkling wine represents just 3% of the total wine consumption.


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