Wine – The Next Ten Years

Over the last ten years the wine industry has seen the rise of Pinot Noir and Riesling, pink Champagne, the critter label, screw caps and the ascension of sommeliers. In addition, blogs on wine, research on wine production, pricing and investing information and much more is facilitated by the use of the internet.

With more wine being consumed in America than ever before (almost 3 gallons per U.S. adult in 2008 according to the Beverage Information Group) the next ten years is frothy with anticipation. There have never been more choices from around the world as there is today and this will only increase in the coming decade.

Here are four trends that have already begun and are bound to continue.

  • Sustainability. The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance will soon unveil a third-party audit system which will allow a consumer friendly means of benchmarking. Expect to see an increase in regulations to support sustainability claims. Water usage, especially in California, will become a hot button issue, and a packaging revolution can’t be far away.
  • Niche market retailers. Specializing wine boutiques with knowledgeable wine merchants will be an excellent source of buying advice. A culture of service will differentiate these niche retailers and make shopping for wine an enjoyable experience. The buyers of fine wine will continue to stay in bricks and mortar stores over online offerings (witness’s abortive attempts at selling wine).
  • Social media. With the rise of facebook, twitter, digg and others marketing of wine will take new directions. Individuals will be able to develop reputations and become international ‘experts’ very quickly.
  • Simplicity. A change in taste supports more clear fruit over woody undertones. These fruitier dinner wines come from around the world. Simple wines also mean they are less expensive and that means more wine sold.


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