The importance of Provenance

When considering the purchase, sale, or value of a wine, one of the key factors to consider is provenance.  Here we should cover three main aspects of wine investment collection that are crucial: source, storage, and distance from origin:

  • Source of the wine: With numerous unscrupulous vendors in operation, it is crucial that a serious investor only purchase wine from a reputable organization, or indeed member of a group of companies who adopt similar “codes of practice”.  Purchasing from only such groups can allow investors to help ensure the wine purchased is authentic.


  • Conditions for storage: An investor should ensure that the wine has been stored in the proper conditions, the key elements of comprise correct temperature, humidity and levels of light.  If you work with merchants regularly, they should be able to show you the history of the wine and specifically what bonded warehouse your bottle or case has been stored in.  Keep in mind that the conditions for storage are imperative to ensuring the quality of any fine wine.


  • Distance from origin: The shorter the distance between the seller and the buyer the better. Shorter distances can help investors ensure the quality of their wine, while greater distances can leave your wine susceptible to damage from travel and improper storage conditions.  One of the best suggestions for storing fine wine is to keep it in a specialized warehouse in France or the UK, where it can be relatively close to the producer and will easily satisfy the next person who purchases it from you.


The best of the best can be determined by looking at a wine’s provenance.  It will likely make the difference between finding a great investment, or merely one that is average.  The difference can ultimately mean hundreds or even thousands of pounds.



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