Lafite ready to bounce back

After a difficult 2011, Chateau Lafite Rothschild is expecting a return to the years of growth they have enjoyed over the last decade. Lafite’s price dropped in 2011 with some vintages dipping substantially in value by up to 100 and 200%. They have since experienced a recovery, and it is believed that 2012 will see a return to growth rates of between 10-15%.

The slump in price at the end of last year can partly be attributed to a natural market correction, a readjustment after years of inflation. The rise of other top brands on the Chinese market and a glut of counterfeit Lafite also contributed to the slump.

Overall though, the outlook is still rosy for wine investment in China. The volume consumed continues to increase year on year and this should continue as wine drinking spreads from its base in the south eastern coastal cities throughout the rest of the country. Fine wine would still seem to be a first rate alternative investment.


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