Bordeaux 2009 Campaign Intensifies

Merchants are waiting to discover what allocations of the top wines they will receive, and what the prices will be.

Although several of the top chateaux have released some initial prices, including Lafite and Mouton, the quantities have still remained quite small, leaving many merchants to wonder what their actual allocations will be and how much they will ultimately cost. In fact, many industry experts have noted that it can be a challenge to procure a significant quantity of the first growths, a fact that has caused much attention to fall on the second tranches, which will be offered in the very near future.

This fact alone has been enough to make some industry leaders note that it seems as though the high prices of the Bordeaux 2009 first tranche were little more than a publicity stunt, and may not provide much of a real indication about the actual final prices. Still, since May of 2010, Liv-ex has already sold 16 cases of Lafite 2009 for €10,000 – €13,232 per case, and a case of Latour sold recently for €10,213.

Regardless, many top merchants will not publicize prices for the First Growths until they have observed the prices and quantities of both the second and third tranches. This will allow them to get a real feel for their true cost averages, and in some cases it could even provide an indication of future availability and its possible effects. In addition, it is important to note that allocations of First Growths have been declining for years, regardless of demand by consumers and investors.

This year, many merchants are reporting steady sales and most expect to have little trouble selling Bordeaux 2009. So far, other expensive wines have experienced robust sales in many markets, leading merchants to believe that Bordeaux 2009 will be no exception.


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