‘Back to reality’ say vintners

After the hype and expectation of the 2009 and 2010 vintages, many producers in Bordeaux are pleased to announce an average year.

Perverse as this may seem, experts are claiming a year of lower yields and less than ideal weather conditions may be exactly what the market requires.

Bordeaux should produce a much greater variety of wine styles this year as some regions were exposed to a springtime drought, others to hail and others to a late summer heat wave. Humidity in September has led to an increased risk of grey rot.

It certainly won’t be a disastrous vintage: some producers are describing their grapes as excellent. We should see wines which are more of the winery than of vineyard. The more trying weather conditions will lead to more rigorous sorting and some Chateaux running off excess juice to increase concentration.

Thankfully, for those on the sharp end of the recession, the less than stellar year should see prices fall by around 20% compared to 2010.


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