2009 Vintage Expected to Stimulate Asian Futures Market

Asian investors are widely expected to buy into Bordeaux futures in unprecedented numbers.

According to a number of major merchants, Asian fine wine investors, collectors and consumers are expected to buy into Bordeaux 2009 in record numbers for the first time in history, much like American wine connoisseurs bought into the 1982 variety. While Asian investors have previously been more attracted to buying in-bottle versus pre-paying for wines, this trend is widely expected to change this year, despite widespread projections regarding the high prices of Bordeaux 2009.

In addition, interest among Asian investors in Bordeaux 2009 will most likely continue beyond the most celebrated first and second growths, according to many top managing directors and proprietors. This thinking centers around the fact that if Asians are captivated with this vintage enough to buy the top growths, the attraction will most likely extend to encompass successive offerings as well.

This year several respected wine merchants have already reported up to a 60 percent increase in the number of wish lists they have received from China’s mainland compared to last year. This fact alone has helped to make the level of interest among Asian investors a truly unprecedented phenomenon in the world of fine wine investment. In fact, in addition to the premier first growths, a number of Chateaux including Cos, the Pichons, Lascases, Pontet and Palmer have also received extraordinary attention this year. Also of note, additional Asian interest in the iconic right bank wines has extended beyond the usual Le Pin, Angélus, Petrus and Cheval Blanc to also include Pavie, L’Eglise Clinet, Figeac and Conseillante.

While this increased demand will be a good thing for the first and second growths, many experts and savvy investors are concerned about the effect it could have on successive offerings. If prices for initial Bordeaux 2009 soar too high, the campaign could potentially lose steam after the first growths.


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